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ACT for Youth

2017 BWIAH Provider Days

In May of 2017, the New York State Department of Health's Bureau of Women, Infant, and Adolescent Health (BWIAH) sponsored meetings in Albany for several of the provider groups they fund. Under the theme "Connecting Our Work Across the Reproductive Life Course," New York State providers who work in the areas of adolescent pregnancy and STD prevention; family planning; and maternal, infant, and child health came together on May 10. Each provider group also had a day for professional development in its own focus area as well. Here we share the presentations and tools from the CAPP and PREP meetings on May 9, as well as keynotes and Tom Klaus's workshop from the joint meeting on May 10.

PDF2017 BWIAH Provider Days: Agenda

May 9, 2017: CAPP and PREP

PDFOpening Presentation

Kristine Mesler and Nevillene White

Sustainability Plenary with Tom Klaus

PDFFirst Things First: Building a Vision for Long Term Sustainability

Tom Klaus

PDFProgram Sustainability Self-Assessment
PDFProgram Sustainability Assessment Tool
PDFProgram Sustainability Assessment Budget Worksheet


PDFRacial and Ethnic Health Disparities: DFH Activities to Promote Equity

Nevillene White and Meaghan Carroll

PDFRecruiting, Implementing, or Cutting Loose... Implementing EBPs in Schools

Beth Mastro

PDFWorkforce Development: Promoting a Growth Mindset!

Jutta Dotterweich

WebsiteHow can you change from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset?

Youth-Adult Partnership Workshop

PDFOrganizational Support for Youth-Adult Partnerships

Shepherd Zeldin

PDFBeing Y-AP Savvy
WebsiteYouth-Adult Partnership Rubric
PDFAgency Level Assessment of Youth and Young Adult
PDFConceptualizing and Measuring Youth-Adult Partnership

May 10, 2017: All Provider Groups

PDFPutting It All Together: Melding Our Passion and Knowledge to Achieve Excellence

Kay Johnson

PDFLeading Change: The Case for Partnership and Working Together

Tom Klaus

PDFNurturing a Collaborative Spirit: Becoming Ready to Work Together

Tom Klaus

WebsiteUsing Collective Impact in Support of Communitywide Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiatives

PDFClosing Presentation

Kristine Mesler and Meaghan Carroll