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ACT for Youth

Publication and Presentation Series

Publication Series

Research Facts and Findings

In the Research Facts and Findings publication series, ACT for Youth authors summarize youth development research for busy practitioners. Launched in 2001, this series includes articles by Ralph J. DiClemente, Jutta Dotterweich, Mary Agnes Hamilton, Stephen F. Hamilton, Richard Kreipe, Jane Powers, John S. Santelli, Amy T. Schalet, and Janis Whitlock, among others.

Popular topics in this series include adolescent brain development, romantic relationships, adolescents and risk, stages of adolescent development, teen dating violence, and more.

Practice Matters

Designed for practitioners who work with youth or oversee youth programming, the Practice Matters publication series offers information about the practical application of youth development principles. The first edition in this series appeared in 2004. Practice Matters authors include Jutta Dotterweich, Maud Easter, Mary Grenz Jalloh, Jonathan D. Klein, Richard Kreipe, Deb Levine, Elizabeth Mastro, Dina Refki, Premini Sabaratnam, Jennifer Tiffany, and Shepherd Zeldin, among others.

Popular topics in this series include using new media, the READY tool (a youth development outcomes measure), creating successful programs for immigrant youth, strengthening youth involvement, and more.

Gender and Sexual Health

Lori A. Rolleri's four-part series Gender and Sexual Health begins with an introduction to gender and gender equality, explains how rigid gender norms affect sexual health, and provides evidence and methods for transforming gender norms through curriculum-based programs. Rolleri has designed a variety of reproductive and sexual health curricula for young people, and served as a technical advisor for the Gender and Men as Partners program at EngenderHealth.

Presentation Series

Narrated Presentations

To help meet the professional development needs of youth development practitioners, ACT for Youth began building a library of narrated presentations in 2009. These 10- to 30-minute presentations fall into the broad topics of positive youth development, adolescent development, adolescent sexual health, and program planning. Presenters include Meera Beharry, Alwyn Cohall, Robert Francis, Richard Kreipe, Mary Martha Wilson, and many others.

Popular topics in this series include adolescent sexual development, family planning 101, science-based programming and adaptation, and more.

HIV/AIDS and Young People

HIV/AIDS and Young People, a series of four presentations, is authored and narrated by Meera Beharry, MD, formerly an assistant professor of Pediatrics at the University of Rochester Medical Center. In her first presentation, Dr. Beharry discusses how HIV leads to AIDS, and she gives an overview of HIV transmission, prevention, and screening. Her second presentation focuses on risk and protective factors that impact adolescents and HIV/AIDS, while in the third she addresses youth at high risk. Finally, in the fourth presentation, Dr. Beharry discusses testing and treatment issues for adolescents.