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October 24, 2016 
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Substance Use and Abuse in Adolescence
What makes youth more vulnerable to drugs? At what point does drug use become truly problematic? Here we outline the basics and provide links to more detailed resources on substance use and abuse topics.
Professional Development

Adolescents & HIV: Engagement, Treatment and Emerging Prevention Strategies
Webinar: November 4, 18, 12:00 ET
NYPATH: This webinar series is designed for clinicians who provide healthcare services to adolescents and young adults.

Research and Resources                                  

Child Trends: Early childhood programs and strong schools have gotten a lot of press during this season of political campaigning, and they're vitally important. But what is it we're not talking about, that has a real impact on children? Kristin Anderson Moore, Child Trends' senior scholar, weighs in with this blog post.
My Kid is Gay: Among many other resources designed for parents, My Kid Is Gay offers an "e-care package" of support, resources, and self-care for parents and family members of LGBTQ people.

Helping Students Set and Achieve Goals: A Primer
Search Institute: Setting and achieving goals is a complex challenge. Success is shaped by who we are, the goals we set, the strategies we use, and people who support us. Educators, parents, and other adults can influence each of these elements to help young people take responsibility for their own growth and learning. This blog post explores ways to help students set and achieve their goals.
Child Trends: Policymakers are increasingly reliant on research (as they should be!) to inform legislation and guide investments meant to improve children's well-being. This publication explores the conditions under which policymakers are most likely to use research, and how you can more effectively bring research to their attention.
AMAZE is a collaboration between experts in the field of sex education-Advocates for Youth, Answer, and Youth Tech Health-to create an engaging, age-appropriate, online sex education resource for 10-to 14-year-olds. The AMAZE videos provide the answers young people want and need in an age-appropriate and relatable format. Resources are also provided for parents and educators.
A Driver's Manual for New Dads
National Clearinghouse on Families & Youth:
Even for the most prepared adults, raising a healthy, happy, well-adjusted child is challenging. Adolescents who become parents face extra challenges in terms of education, finances, and emotional maturity.  The New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance recently revised its popular publication, "A Driver's Manual for New Dads: A resource guide for taking care of your partner and your new baby." Although written for New York residents, the 28-page guide raises issues that are applicable to fathers in all states.

Kaiser Foundation: This infographic offers key facts about the Zika virus, tracks the increasing number of countries reporting local transmission over the past year, and breaks down how key U.S. government agencies are responding to Zika.
National Training and Technical Assistance Cooperative Agreement (NCA) (HRSA-17-058) Technical Assistance
Funding Deadline: December 12, 11:59 ET
HRSA: The purpose of this funding opportunity is to establish or maintain cooperative agreements with national organizations to provide training and technical assistance (T/TA) to potential and existing Health Center Program award recipients and look-alikes.

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