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Observation Protocols and Tools

To ensure quality delivery, it is important for CAPP and PREP project coordinators/supervisors to observe educators facilitating evidence-based program (EBP) sessions in real settings. It is just as important to provide educators with concrete, constructive feedback within the context of professional development goals.

Important tip: Review the CAPP and PREP Observation Protocol carefully when planning your observations.

WordCAPP and PREP Observation Protocol (Word)

COE Observation

The Center of Excellence (COE) observes program delivery at least once during the five-year grant period for CAPP providers, and every year for PREP providers. The COE uses the Facilitator Observation Form.

WordFacilitator Observation Form (Word)

Agency Internal Observation

CAPP and PREP agency coordinators/supervisors observe each educator at least twice each year. Agencies have a choice of using either the Facilitator Observation Form or the On-Site Feedback Form. (Forms do not need to be submitted to the COE.)

WordFacilitator Observation Form (Word)

WordOn-Site Feedback Form (Word)
WordOn-Site Feedback Protocol (Word)
WordSample Notes Page (Word)

After the Observation: Facilitation Improvement

This planning tool should be used in collaboration with the educator. It provides a process and examples for transferring observed behavior issues into professional development goals and action steps.

WordEBP Facilitation Improvement Plan (Word)

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