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Am I Doing This Right? Implementation Guidelines

Below you'll find guidelines for evidence-based programs (EBPs) used by CAPP/PREP providers. Each document includes a chart that makes clear the developer's recommendations as well as possible adaptations for each of the following implementation factors:
  • Basic program characteristics (e.g., number and length of modules, use of videos, etc.)
  • Educator requirements
  • Target audience
  • Group composition
  • Setting
  • Delivery timeframe
More extensive adaptation suggestions are also included for certain EBPs. These suggestions were generated during Learning Community meetings of CAPP/PREP educators and coordinators implementing the same EBP. Each context is different -- that's why all planned adaptations should be approved by the COE before they are implemented, even if they appear in the guidelines. Please remember to contact Jutta for approval using the EBP Adaptation Request Form (Word).

Some EBPs have more than one edition in use. Documents that compare older and newer editions are also included below.

The following documents are in PDF format:

PDFBe Proud! Be Responsible! - edition 3 (2006) and edition 4 (2012)

PDFBPBR Comparison Chart - compares edition 3 to edition 4

PDFBe Proud! Be Responsible! Be Protective!

PDFBecoming a Responsible Teen

PDFCuídate - edition 1 (2009) and edition 2 (2012)

PDFCuídate Comparison Chart - compares edition 1 to edition 2

PDFDraw the Line / Respect the Line

PDFMaking Proud Choices - edition 3 (2006) and edition 4.1 (2012)

PDFMPC Comparison Chart - compares edition 3 to edition 4.1

PDFProject AIM

PDFRikers Health Advocacy Program

PDFReducing the Risk

PDFSafer Choices

PDFSafer Sex Intervention


PDFTeen Health Project

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