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For additional webinars with a youth development focus, visit STYA Shared Resources.

CAPP and PREP Webinars

Slides and recordings of CAPP and PREP webinars may be found on this page. In some cases, we have included links to resources mentioned in the webinars. For a schedule of upcoming webinars, visit the CAPP and PREP Training Calendar.

EBP Implementation, Data, and Evaluation

Best Practices in EBP Implementation
Clip: Organizational Development
Clip: Implementation Team
Clip: Adaptations

+Data Viz: Insights to Improve Implementation

-Webinar Recording


+Let's Talk About Adaptations

-Webinar Recording


+CAPP and PREP Evaluation: Collecting Data Electronically

-Webinar Recording


+Expanding EBP Choices in 2018

-Webinar Recording

Community Readiness

+Community Readiness: Next Steps

-Webinar Recording

Learning Community: CAPP Component 2

+Introducing Outcome Measures for Component 2

-Webinar Recording


+CAPP Component 2: Measuring Outcomes

-Webinar Recording


+CAPP Component 2: Best Practice

-Webinar Recording

Learning Community: New Providers

+Checking in with New CAPP & PREP Projects

-Webinar Recording


+Implementing EBPs: Webinar for New Providers

-Webinar Recording

PDFImplementation Handbook

WordOrganizational Support Checklist

WebsiteHealth Educator Supervisor Training

Request log-in for online course

WordImplementing BPBR with Youth who have Intellectual Disabilities

PDFTA/Evaluation Support Teams

Learning Community: PREP

+PREP Only

-Webinar Recording

NYS Schools

+Dignity for All Students Act

-Webinar Recording

PDFDignity for All Students Act and transgender students: NYSED guidance

PDFUndocumented students and ICE: NYSED guidance

PDFDignity for All Students Act: NYSED guidance and resources

PDFPrACTice Matters: The Dignity for All Students ACT

Sexual Health Education

PDFHIV Basics for Health Educators

Narrated PresentationWebinar Recording

See HIV/AIDS for clips on PrEP, PEP, and Informed Consent in NYS.

+Contraception Options for Adolescents: Basics for Health Educators

unedited, includes Q&AWebinar Recording (unedited, includes Q&A)

Narrated PresentationContraception Options for Adolescents (edited to focus on methods)

For excerpts on each birth control method, visit Contraception

PDFUCSF and Bedsider: How Well Does Birth Control Work chart - English

PDFHow Well Does Birth Control Work chart - Spanish


+Toward Making Sexual Health Education Gender-Expansive

-Webinar Recording

Julia Stern, Hetrick Martin Institute


+Welcome to the New CAPP & PREP Initiatives!

-Webinar Recording


+CAPP & PREP: The Full Journey

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