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SRAE Shared Resources

SRAE Shared ResourcesOn this page, we share resources and tools on topics such as sustainability, strategic communications, and creating logic models.

You will also find recordings of SRAE webinars here.

If you have practical resources to share with your colleagues, please let your ACT for Youth technical assistance contact know! We will be happy to share your resources here.


PDF Narrated Presentation     Intro to Zoom, Survey Results, and New Online Work Groups (3/31/20)
  Narrated Presentation     Learning Community Meeting: What Now? (3/19/20)
PDF       Chat (edited) with some key questions answered
PDF       Recording EBP Cycles Interrupted by COVID-19
PDF Narrated Presentation     Creating a Logic Model for Program Planning and Improvement (3/10/20)
PDF Narrated Presentation     What About Adaptations? (2/11/20)
PDF Narrated Presentation     SRAE Component 2 Programming (1/14/20)
    Website   Afterschool Alliance: STEM in Your Program
    Website   Common Sense Education: Digital Citizenship Curriculum
PDF Narrated Presentation     Engaging Parents: It's a Marathon! (12/17/19)
PDF Narrated Presentation     Where Are All the Kids? Recruiting and Retaining Youth (11/12/19)
PDF       New Alternatives for Children: Resources for Recruiting and Retaining Youth
      Word Recruitment of Program Participants: Planning Questions
PDF       Five Strategies for Successful Recruitment and Retention (RAND Toolkit)
PDF       Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Participants in Prevention Programs
    Website   Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement
      Word Youth Satisfaction Survey
  Narrated Presentation     Exploring ACT for Youth Web Resources (10/8/19)
    Website   ACT for Youth Update
  Narrated Presentation     Introduction to the SRAE Online Reporting System (9/10/19)
PDF Narrated Presentation     Implementing Evidence-Based Programs (8/13/19)
PDF Narrated Presentation     NYS SRAE Orientation (7/30/19)


The Office of Adolescent Health (OAH) defined sustainability as "effectively leveraging partnerships and resources to continue programs, services, and/or strategic activities that result in improvements in the health and well-being of adolescents." It's never too early to start planning for sustainability! In fact, it's best to consider sustainability right from the start of a new project. These resources can help.

PDFThe OAH Framework for Program Sustainability

WebOAH: Sustainability and Community Mobilization

WebWashington University: Program Sustainability Assessment Tool

WebSpitfire Strategies: Discovering the Activation Point

PDFSpitfire Strategies: Smart Chart

WebCommunity Toolbox: Implementing Social Marketing

WebOAH: Strategic Communications

Logic Models

SRAE projects create logic models to clarify how their activities lead to desired outcomes. These resources outline steps in that process and provide examples. You may also wish to take the free online course offered by ETR/ReCAPP.

WebCommunity Tool Box: Developing a Logic Model

WebFor Youth Initiative: Program Design: Logic Models

PDFW.K. Kellogg Foundation Logic Model Development Guide

WebETR/ReCAPP: A Beginner's Course in Developing BDI Logic Models

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