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STYA: Parenting Education

STYA: Parenting EducationSTYA programs offer parenting education to parents, guardians, and other caregivers of preteen youth (STYA component 3). These parenting programs provide information and education at venues such as schools, the workplace, and other community-based settings. Workshops can be conducted with parents alone or with parents and children together to improve communication skills. The range of topics to be addressed might include strategies for:
  • Understanding puberty and adolescent development (physical, social, and emotional)
  • Nurturing healthy attitudes and values about development, body image and positive self-esteem, and respect and appreciation for human diversity
  • Building parent/child communication skills
  • Discussing risk-taking behaviors with youth, identifying and addressing warning signs of risky or dangerous behavior, and keeping adolescents safe
  • Understanding the importance of non-parental adults in adolescents' lives
  • Raising adolescents in a changing and diverse culture
  • Modeling and nurturing healthy relationships, including those with friends, peers, family, and romantic partners, and positively addressing dynamics such as gender roles, peer pressure, bullying, and power balances in those relationships
  • Educational and career success, such as maximizing school success, exploring career alternatives and goals, and developing skills in preparation for employment
  • Supporting the development of good study habits, school attachment and achievement, and educational and career aspirations
  • Nurturing the development of healthy life skills such as health behaviors, goal setting, decision making, negotiation, communication and interpersonal skills, use of resources, and stress management.

Resources for Parent Educators

Parenting in Context
The Parenting in Context website provides research briefs written for parent educators. Parenting in Context is a program of Cornell University's Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research.

Cornell University Cooperative Extension
Every New York State county extension office offers parenting education. STYA providers may be able to partner with Cooperative Extension to provide parenting education.

Communication Skills Building for Parents of Preteen Girls
This parent education program from the Office on Women's Health focuses on families of early adolescent girls. Resources include a facilitator's guide, online videos, and a tip sheet for parents.

Resources for Parents

Talk with Your Kids
This national initiative by Children Now encourages parents to talk with their children early and often about tough issues like sex, HIV/AIDS, violence, alcohol, and drug abuse.
This American Academy of Pediatrics website for parents offers information on adolescent development, dating and sex, nutrition, fitness, safety, school, substance abuse, and health issues. It also provides parenting strategies and tips.

Nemours Foundation offers resources and guidance to parents on positive parenting, growth and development, and handling tough topics such as bullying, helping kids cope with stress, eating disorders, and much more.

This blog for parents focuses on tweens and teens.