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STYA Shared Resources

On this page, STYA providers share ideas and activities that may be of use to their colleagues. As providers share resources, you will be able to find ideas organized by the relevant component or challenge. Do you have resources to share? Contact Michele Luc, STYA Liaison for the Center of Excellence, with your ideas.


PDFWhat's Going on with Boys? (PDF slides)

Narrated PresentationWebinar Recording


PDFExploring Digital Literacy and Citizenship (PDF slides)

Narrated PresentationWebinar Recording


PDFWhat's Going on with Girls? (PDF slides)

Narrated PresentationWebinar Recording


PDFSustaining Effective Youth Development Programming (PDF slides)

Narrated PresentationWebinar Recording


PDFPromoting Healthy Kids After School: Tips, Tools, and Strategies (PDF slides)

Narrated PresentationWebinar Recording

PDFResource List (PDF)

PDFGuidelines for Healthy Food and Beverages (PDF)


PDFPYD 101 Online (PDF slides)

Narrated PresentationWebinar Recording


PDFStepping into STEM: Incorporating STEM Learning into Your Program (PDF slides)

PDF4-H STEM Learning Checklist (PDF)


PDFUsing Essential Questions: Structuring Small Group Discussions with Young People (PDF slides)


PDFTreasure Hunt on the ACT for Youth Website (PDF slides)


STYA Infographic (sample)
David Pittman, YWCA of Syracuse and Onondaga County, created this infographic for STYA participants to share with their families.

PDFInfographic (PDF)

STYA Provider Day 2016

PDFSTYA Provider Day Icebreaker (PDF)

PowerPointPlenary: Success and Sustainability (PowerPoint Presentation)

WordNetworking Session: Brainstorm (Word)

Family Engagement

PowerPointFamily Engagement (PowerPoint Presentation)

National Center for Community Schools (NCCS): Risks and Opportunities Framework

PDFNCCS: How Does Parenting Change? (PDF)

PDFEpstein's Six Types of Involvement (PDF)

WebU.S. Dept. of Education: Parent and Community Engagement Framework (Web Page)

WordHarvard Family Research Project (HFRP): Family Centered Practices (Word)

PDFHFRP: Activities that Promote Family Involvement (PDF)

PDFNCCS: Parent/Family Engagement Practices (PDF)

WordNCCS: Parenting Practices Worksheet (Word)

New Activities for Teambuilding, Self-esteem, and Social Skills

PDFName and a Movement (PDF)

PDFBomb and Shield (PDF)

PDFLily Pads (PDF)

Trauma-Informed Youth Programming

PowerPointTrauma-Informed Youth Programming (PowerPoint Presentation)

WordTrauma-Informed Youth Programming Workshop: Strategies Brainstorm (Word)

Component 2 Resources

Relationship Jeopardy

This game uses a Jeopardy format to educate about conflicts, relationships, communication, and more. You'll want to buy a box of buzzers -- youth love to use them! This game was shared by Alexandra Smith of Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center.

WordJeopardy Activity Description (Word)

WordRelationship Jeopardy Q&A (Word)

Bullying: Fact or Myth?

This activity helps in a variety of ways. Participants learn about a new topic and practice reading skills. It may also help with self-esteem, because each person has the answer and can feel that she or he is knowledgeable. Alexandra Smith of Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center provided this activity.

WordBullying Activity Description (Word)

WordBullying Cards (Word)

Career Cards

This activity is based on materials from the Tiger Woods Foundation. This activity allows youth to learn about a variety of careers and how the things they like to do could lead them to choose a career. Thanks to Alexandra Smith of Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center for this idea.

WordCareer Activity Description (Word)

WordCareer Cards (Word)

Challenge: Engaging Parents in Youth Activities

Interactive Parent Invitation

This "cootie catcher" activity, shared by Bronx-Lebanon staff, creates an interactive invitation that parents can't resist!

WordParent Invitation Activity Description (Word)

PowerPointCootie Catcher Invitation Template (PowerPoint Presentation)

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