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STYA Spotlight

Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC: Creating a Roadmap for Success

Periodically, ACT for Youth spotlights the work of a STYA provider. Our thanks go to Lauren Prague, who shared this story.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City incorporates STYA into their community-based mentoring program through a quarterly workshop series. Little Brothers and Sisters are identified by their agency social workers as strong candidates for peer leadership because of their commitment to the program, their personal growth, and their Bigs. The workshops are delivered over the course of three Saturdays, incorporating lessons focused on goal setting, self-esteem, peer pressure, diversity, and communication. We believe that these skills will allow our Little Brothers and Sisters to successfully navigate the transition from pre-teen to adolescence and young adulthood. Throughout the workshop series, participants acquire a collection of worksheets which, during the final workshop, they compile into a workbook that will serve as a "roadmap" used to empower and guide them through their transition into adolescence. Workshop 1: Goal Setting

Workshop 1: Goal Setting

Using a SMART goals framework, facilitators guide participants through a series of activities related to goal setting and help them set long-term goals to ensure their success as teenagers. Through a game of questions, participants identify some of the differences they will encounter between being a child and being a young adult. Participants identify a goal for themselves to accomplish as teens and learn how to make their goal(s) specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time limited. Their goal will serve as the destination of their "roadmap" through adolescence. Workshop 2: Self-Esteem

Workshop 2: Self-Esteem

During the second workshop, participants engage in activities and discussions around self-esteem and bullying, and identify specific ways to treat their peers with respect and kindness. Participants also identify one of their own strengths that they can utilize throughout their journey towards becoming a teenager that will allow them to successfully navigate the transition through adolescence. This becomes their "suitcase" that they will carry with them.

Workshop 3: Peer Pressure

In the third workshop, participants learn about peer pressure. Through interactive games, activities, and discussion, Littles learn about different people that they will encounter throughout their lives who have the potential to either be helpful or harmful during their journey to becoming teens. Participants learn that some people will empower and enable them to achieve their goals. They also learn that others have the potential to lead them off track. Participants identify one person who they share common values with who acts as a guiding force, their "lighthouse" on their journey to becoming a teen. Workshop 4: Diversity

Workshop 4: Diversity

Through continued dialogue, games, discussion, and video, Littles participate in a conversation about diversity and the impact that imposing labels can have on others. Through an interactive activity, Littles learn that their words have a lasting effect on others and experience how it feels to be reacted to in a certain way due to a label that is imposed upon them. Participants complete a worksheet identifying a positive aspect of their identity or personality that makes them unique, that encourages them to celebrate diversity, and that they will keep with them during the transition to adolescence, their symbolic "self."

Workshop 5: Communication

In this final workshop, Littles, along with their Big Brothers and Sisters, learn about effective communication by engaging in activities where they must identify nonverbal communication cues, practice active listening, and identify techniques to deescalate conflict. This culminates in a "Human Knot" activity in which Bigs and Littles work together to communicate effectively and untangle themselves from a knot of their arms. Lastly, Littles, along with their Bigs, identify one skill, message, or lesson that they will walk away with at the conclusion of the workshop series as the final component of their roadmaps, their "footprint," which will have a lasting impression into their teenage years.

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