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Responsible Decision Making

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) fosters the ability to make positive choices about how we behave. On this page of the SEL Toolkit, we link to tools and resources for professionals who seek to strengthen young people's decision-making skills. Social and Emotional Learning - Responsible Decision Making

Promote Problem-Solving Thinking

There are many simple ways to infuse problem-solving thinking and reflection into program activities:
  • Articulate differences and connections
  • Identify emotions behind actions
  • Brainstorm different approaches or solutions to a task
  • Explore possible consequences
  • Model and articulate decision-making process
  • Reflect on past experiences
  • Evaluate actions - did they meet the goal?
  • Simulate or role play a task

Thinking Child

Cognitive psychologist Myrna B. Shure describes her approach to teaching children how to think about solving problems.

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Teach Critical Thinking Skills

Reflective Group Conversation

This worksheet can be used to guide critical thinking within a group.


SWOT Analysis

This worksheet can be used in a discussion of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


Edutopia: Resources and Downloads for Teaching Critical Thinking

On this page, educators from the Bay Area's KIPP King Collegiate High School and the KIPP network share critical thinking lesson plans and tools.

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Advocates for Youth: Values and Behavior

The purpose of this Life Planning Education activity is to examine the relationship between values and behavior.


Use Media Literacy as a Teaching Strategy for Critical Thinking

Media Smart Youth: 6 Media Questions

This poster poses six questions that promote critical thinking about media.


Media Education Foundation

The Media Education Foundation offers educational videos on gender, health, race, and commercialism, as well as discussion guides promoting media literacy and critical thinking skills for all ages.


WebDiscussion Guides

ACT for Youth: Media Literacy

In this article, Andrew Smiler explores the importance of media literacy and offers key questions to guide youth.


Involve Young People in Service-Learning

National Youth Leadership Council

This website serves as a clearinghouse for national service-learning efforts and materials.


LIFT: Raising the Bar for Service-Learning Practice

Supported by the National Youth Leadership Council, this multimedia, interactive website provides many resources to support service-learning efforts.