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Provider Day 2014: CAPP, PREP, STYA

On September 15, 2014, the ACT for Youth Center of Excellence hosted a professional development day for those implementing CAPP, PREP, and STYA adolescent pregnancy prevention projects around New York State. This year's theme was "Getting Better All the Time: Reflecting and Moving Forward."

Provider Day Basics and Program (PDF: 230K)


Digital Tools to Engage Youth
Alicia Mackall live-streamed this very popular workshop and gave it a home on her Mack Attack blog!

Beth Mastro shared these ideas for icebreakers in her "Tools for Facilitators" session.
Activities (PDF: 36K)

LGBTQ Inclusion, with a Special Focus on Trans Youth
Luca Maurer offered this session on LGBTQ inclusion and the concerns of transgender youth.
Presentation (PDF: 1.4M)

Life Purpose and Teens
Janis Whitlock discussed adolescence, how teens think about purpose, and ways to create opportunities for reflection on life's purpose.
Presentation (PDF: 3.7M)
Activities (Word: 175K)

Self-Injury in Teens
Janis Whitlock helped participants understand core principles and practices of self-injury detection and intervention.
Presentation (PDF: 9.3M)

Teambuilding and Group Activities
Michele Luc and Heather Wynkoop Beach led this "Tips for Facilitators" session and shared these handouts.
Activity: Five Station Challenge (Word: 139K)
Descriptions: Five Station Challenge (Word: 96K)

Using Your Data to Meet Your Goals
Mary Maley and Amanda Purington worked closely with CAPP and PREP providers in this hands-on performance management workshop.
Presentation (PDF: 1.2M)
Attendance Toolkit (PDF: 1.0M)
Attendance Analysis Worksheet (Word: 24K)
Improvement Planning Worksheet (Word: 23K)
Public Health Performance Management System (Word: 304K)
Sample Report (PDF: 159K)
Using Data Resources (Word: 123K)

Youth with Mental Health Concerns
Jutta Dotterweich discussed what youth program providers need to know about mental health concerns and strategies.
Presentation (PowerPoint: 1.2M)

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