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Conference Journal - English

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2022 BWIAH Provider Meeting

Building on Community Strengths for Health and Justice

The Bureau of Women, Infant and Adolescent Health (BWIAH), along with ACT for Youth, Cicatelli Associates, Inc., and John Snow, Inc., convened a virtual Provider Meeting on July 19-21, 2022.

This annual development and networking event is for providers funded by the New York State Department of Health BWIAH. Under the theme of Building on Community Strengths for Health and Justice, presentations and workshops were offered in the areas of:

  • Centering community voices and creating action
  • Building capacity for diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice
  • Building organizational strengths
  • Additional timely topics

BWIAH 2022 Provider Meeting Program

Please note that many of these recordings cover topics that may be painful to listen to. If you are viewing webinars that address trauma, we encourage you to balance your viewing with any self-care that you need. You may also wish to view the webinars that address self-care and healing. Our deep appreciation goes to all of you doing this work.

Welcome and Keynotes

Welcome: BWIAH Director Ann-Margret Foley, BWIAH Associate Director Rae Ann Augliera, and NYSDOH Commissioner Mary T. Bassett

Recording: Welcome from Commissioner (10:44)

Keynote: Rachel Hardeman, PhD, MPH

Dr. Hardeman discussed the impacts of racism and social determinants of health -- particularly police violence -- on maternal, infant, and child health outcomes. (At Dr. Hardeman's request, the presentation was not recorded.)

Centering Antiracism to Achieve Reproductive Justice

Community Panel: Angela M. Douglas and Randi Bregman

Angela Douglas and Randi Bregman of Vera House facilitated a discussion of how anti-racism and anti-oppression work are a vital part of partner relationships with our community. Panel members included Monu Chhetri, Koy Adams, LoriKim Alexander, Sequoia Kemp, and Mike Leonelli.

Recording: Building More than Trust (1:49:17)

Slides: Building More than Trust

Keynote: Kenneth Ginsburg, MD, MSEd

Caring professionals are at increased risk of burnout because of their continued exposure to the most passionate themes of human existence. In this talk, Dr. Ginsburg discussed principles of self-care and internal resilience to help us all take the steps we need to replenish ourselves.

Recording: Integrating Self-Care with Our Real Lives (1:41:26)

Slides: Integrating Self-Care with Our Real Lives

Day 1 Workshops

Centering Youth Care and Safety by Amplifying Community Supports

Camille Gaji and Tiffany Rivera

Recording: Centering Youth Care (1:22:46)

Slides: Centering Youth Care

Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

Marian Searchwell and Elizabeth Smith

Recording: Free Your Mind (1:16:01)

Slides: Free Your Mind

Improve Your Partner Engagement Through Strategic Messaging

Aisha Moore

Recording: Improve Your Partner Engagement (1:31:09)

Slides: Improve Your Partner Engagement

New York State Birth Equity Improvement Project

Marilyn Kacica, Kristen Lawless, and Sherita Bullock

Recording: NYS Birth Equity Improvement (54:53)

Slides: NYS Birth Equity Improvement

Sexual and Reproductive Justice, Part 1

Adjoa Sankofia Tetteh

Recording: Part 1 - Sexual and Reproductive Justice (1:02:05)

Slides: Part 1 - Sexual and Reproductive Justice

Storytelling with Data

Yasmin Dada-Jones and Elizabeth Rialdi

Recording: Storytelling with Data (1:27:25)

Slides: Storytelling with Data

Tips and Tricks for Easy and Efficient Social Media Management

Clancey Bateman and Jessica Holli

Recording: Tips and Tricks for Social Media (1:09:39)

Slides: Tips and Tricks for Social Media

Underage Gambling: Impact on Youth

Stelianos Canallatos and Leilani Yizar

Recording: Underage Gambling (1:27:49)

Slides: Underage Gambling

Unlearning Bias and Cultivating Change

Cecilia Gentili and Corbin Knight-Dixon

Recording: Unlearning Bias (1:28:46)

Slides: Unlearning Bias

Using Focus Groups to Inform BWIAH Initiatives and Strategies

Jane Powers and Amanda Purington

Recording: Using Focus Groups (1:26:22)

Slides: Using Focus Groups

Day 2 Workshops

Beginning a Discussion: Delivering Sexual Health Education Programming to Youth with Special Needs

Christine Roos and Mari Sepowski

Recording: Sex Ed and Youth with Special Needs (46:58)

Slides: Sex Ed and Youth with Special Needs

No Single Issue: Intersectional Student Engagement

Joss Willsbrough and Maria Pence

Recording: Intersectional Student Engagement (1:04:38)

Slides: Intersectional Student Engagement

Sexual and Reproductive Justice, Part 2

Adjoa Sankofia Tetteh

Recording: Part 2 - Sexual and Reproductive Justice (1:29:54)

Slides: Part 2 - Sexual and Reproductive Justice

Social Media and Adolescent Well-Being

Amanda Purington, Diana Freed, and Marisol De Leon

Recording: Social Media and Adolescent Well-Being (1:27:11)

Slides: Social Media and Adolescent Well-Being

Social Network Strategy

Luz Santiago and Olivia Cecchi

Recording: Social Network Strategy (1:30:04)

Slides: Social Network Strategy

Three Unique Perspectives on Self-Care for Caregivers, Organizations, and Communities

Heather Wynkoop Beach, Michele Luc, and Elizabeth Salner

Recording: Three Unique Perspectives on Self-Care (1:31:32)

Slides: Three Unique Perspectives on Self-Care

Day 3 Workshops

Are You a Trauma-Informed Sex Educator?

Alicia Beekman

Recording: Trauma-Informed Sex Educator (1:26:08)

Slides: Trauma-Informed Sex Educator

Building Your Restorative Toolkit: Creating and Maintaining a Sustainable Self-Care Practice

Diana Cusumano

Recording: Building Your Restorative Toolkit (1:10:15)

Slides: Building Your Restorative Toolkit

Easy Peazy Logic Models to Strategic Plans

Yasmin Dada-Jones

Recording: Logic Models to Strategic Plans (1:27:29)

Slides: Logic Models to Strategic Plans

Equitable Support for Maternal Depression: The Role of Community Health Workers in Uplifting Maternal Mental Health

Clare Friedrich and Tarisha Fleurmond

Slides: Equitable Support for Maternal Depression

From Reaction to Learning: Considering the Impacts of COVID-19 as a Community-Level Trauma

Emma Ansara

Recording: COVID-19 as Community-Level Trauma (1:25:42)

Slides: COVID-19 as Community-Level Trauma

Lessons Learned from Partnerships to Advance Integrated Referrals (PAIR) Project

Christina Ortiz and Dayana Bermudez

Recording: Lessons Learned from PAIR (1:22:23)

Slides: Lessons Learned from PAIR

Meet Them Where They Are: How to Assess Community Readiness and Determine Your Program's Next Steps

Casey O'Neill

Recording: Community Readiness (1:28:13)

Slides: Community Readiness

Safeguarding Black Breastfeeding

Maisha Drayton and Clare Friedrich

Recording: Safeguarding Black Breastfeeding (1:23:33)

Slides: Safeguarding Black Breastfeeding

Sex Ed Shorts: Educating Beyond Borders

Bilel M. Smith and Selina Ruiz

Recording: Sex Ed Shorts (1:18:44)

Slides: Sex Ed Shorts

Technology Troubles: How the Digital Age Is Creating a New "Filter" In Our Work

April Bourlier

Recording: Technology Troubles (1:28:07)

Slides: Technology Troubles

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