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Best Practices Webinar
In this CAPP and PREP webinar, Jutta Dotterweich identifies best practices in implementing evidence-based programs.

Full Webinar (55 min)

Clip: Organizational Development

Clip: Implementation Team

EBP Implementation for CAPP and PREP

If our goal is to implement evidence-based programs (EBPs) with fidelity and quality, we must recognize that there is much more to implementation than meets the eye. Implementing evidence-based programs in real world settings is very complex. Even when we carefully select a program and train staff to deliver that program, we are not guaranteed the desired outcomes. ACT for Youth has developed a handbook and tools to support CAPP and PREP providers in successfully implementing these programs.

Implementation Handbook

This handbook shares lessons learned from the first round of the CAPP and PREP initiatives; outlines the implementation process; introduces an important driver of success, the implementation team; discusses application of the tool Getting to Outcomes; describes how the team can build readiness at the educator, organization, and community levels; and provides an example of how a team might guide implementation of Be Proud! Be Responsible! in a particular community.

Implementation Handbook

Implementation Plan Template

Planning is critical for successful implementation. This template was developed to aid a comprehensive planning process conducted by the implementation team.

Implementation Plan Template (Word)

Implementation Guidelines

Below you'll find guidelines for EBPs used by CAPP and PREP providers. Each document includes a chart that makes clear the developer's recommendations as well as possible adaptations for each of the following implementation factors:
  • Basic program characteristics (e.g., number and length of modules, use of videos, etc.)
  • Educator requirements
  • Target audience
  • Group composition
  • Setting
  • Delivery timeframe
More extensive adaptation suggestions are also included for certain EBPs. Each context is different -- that's why all planned adaptations should be approved by ACT for Youth before they are implemented, even if they appear in the guidelines. Please remember to contact your TA provider for approval. The master list planning tool for your EBP will be helpful in the planning and approval process.

Be Proud! Be Responsible!

Be Proud! Be Responsible! Be Protective!


Making Proud Choices

Project AIM

Reducing the Risk

Teen Outreach Program (TOP)

Incentives Guidance

The goal of the incentive program for CAPP and PREP is to encourage or acknowledge EBP participation. The document below provides the current incentives guidance from the NYS Department of Health, as well as instruction on how to allocate funds for incentives in the budget and note the use of incentives in the online reporting system. The document also includes a form to be completed and returned with the annual budget.

Incentives Guidance (Word)

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