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ACT for Youth

CAPP and PREP: Using Evidence-Based Programs

The use of evidence-based programs (EBPs) is central to the CAPP and PREP initiatives in New York State. Look to this section of the website for every aspect of EBP implementation, evaluation, improvement, and reporting.

EBP Implementation
On this page, find the Implementation Guidelines, Implementation Handbook, and Implementation Plan Template.

EBP Adaptations
Here you will find examples of adaptations, planning tools for creating adaptation master lists, and notes on recording adaptations in the online reporting system. If you need more background on which adaptations are likely to be approved and which should be avoided, check out the Adaptation Resources on the page Adapting Evidence-Based Programs.

EBPs in Schools: Toolkit
On these pages, we provide resources to help you work well with schools, including a handout for school administrators, an EBP Q&A handout for school communities, talking points for approaching schools, and more. We have also included background notes on the school environment, as well as how you can pitch your EBP to schools by showing how it aligns with NYS health education standards. Finally, we discuss ways to approach challenging scenarios when schools make demands about fitting EBPs into certain classroom periods. Note that some of the materials in this Toolkit are being updated. If you run into problems (such as broken links), please let Karen know.

Online Reporting System
Everything you need to know about using the online reporting system (ORS) is right here! We've also included optional but highly useful tools: a Cycle Tracking Log, a brief demographic survey to use with program participants, an attendance log, and EBP-specific forms that you can use to take notes on any adaptations for later entry into the ORS.

CAPP Pre-Post Surveys
PREP Entry Exit Surveys
Each of these pages is crammed with information and resources for using these outcome surveys. We won't try to list it all here -- just go to the page that is relevant to you and dig in. Odds are, any question you have for us about these surveys is answered right there.

Observation Protocols and Tools
CAPP and PREP Health Educator Supervisors can ensure quality by observing educators in action and offering constructive feedback. On this page, we cover observation requirements and offer tools to facilitate the process.