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Program Resources



New to the field of sexual health?

ACT for Youth offers many adolescent sexual health resources. These pages and presentations will connect you to additional resources:

What is Sexual Health?

Adolescent Sexual Development

Sexual Behaviors and Health in Adolescence

Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting

Contraception Options: Basics for Educators

Birth Control Methods in Brief (PDF)

Sexually Transmitted Diseases


Resources for NYS Youth

ACT Youth Network: Take Control!

ACT Youth Network: Romantic Relationships

Sexual Health Training Resources

Answer (Rutgers University)

The Center for Sex Education

Planned Parenthood of NYC

Your local Planned Parenthood affiliate may also be able to provide in-service training.

For CAPP and PREP Educators

CAPP and PREP educators are charged with facilitating evidence-based programs (EBPs) in adolescent sexual health. On this page, ACT for Youth links to resources to help you deliver these programs with quality. With the exception of the Implementation Training, these tools are optional.

Getting Started

EBP Educator Competencies (Word)
This checklist itemizes the areas where you will be expected to demonstrate competency.

Educator Self-Assessment (Word)
This tool will help you consider your strengths and challenges as an EBP facilitator.

Online Reporting System
This page provides an overview of the online reporting system (ORS), including a link to the ORS portal.

CAPP Component Two
Some CAPP providers are funded to offer youth development opportunities under CAPP Component Two. On this page, you'll find a description of the grant requirements as well as best practices. Note that some of these programs will be evaluated using surveys. Information for these surveys is on the CAPP Component Two page.


Implementing Evidence-Based Programs: An Online Training for Educators
All CAPP and PREP educators are required to complete the online training "Implementing Evidence-Based Programs." This training was built specifically for you! Providers have called it "Great prep for understanding the rationale for EBPs and common issues that arise. Puts us all on the same page." Complete the 6-hour training before you begin programming, then revisit any part of it as you gain experience. Request a log-in for Implementing Evidence-Based Programs.

Working with ACT for Youth: Required and Recommended Training
This table lists trainings that are required or recommended by role.

CAPP and PREP Training Calendar
This calendar provides the latest schedule of ACT for Youth trainings for educators and Health Educator Supervisors.

Webinars: Sexual Health Education
These ACT for Youth webinar recordings cover topics that are especially relevant to educators.

EBP Pre-Post and Entry-Exit Surveys

CAPP Pre-Post Surveys
Everything you ever needed to know about pre-post surveys used with sexual health EBPs (CAPP component one) is right on this page. For component two surveys used with youth development programming, visit CAPP Component Two.

PREP Entry-Exit Surveys
Everything you ever needed to know about entry-exit surveys is right on this page.

Quality Improvement

Observation Protocols and Tools
All educators will be observed by supervisors, and may be observed by ACT for Youth. On this page you'll find the tools that may be used during an observation, as well as a tool for creating an improvement plan.

Educator Reflection Form (Word)
The purpose of this reflection tool is to highlight implementation successes and challenges in order to improve overall program delivery. The tool is designed to assist you in thinking through how a particular cycle is progressing.

Youth Satisfaction Survey (Word)
A short survey that is completed anonymously by youth participants, this tool can be used to improve implementation of an active EBP cycle. Ideally, it would be administered by the educator twice in a cycle -- when about half of the sessions are complete and at the last session. By getting feedback midway, educators can immediately improve program delivery and promote engagement. Getting feedback at the end of the cycle offers an opportunity to improve implementation of future cycles.

Additional Resources

Professional Development for Youth Workers
Browse this feature section of the ACT for Youth website for resources, tips, and techniques for professionals who work with youth.

The Hub: Sex Ed Resources
The Hub is the ACT for Youth blog for CAPP and PREP providers. Here you will find all of the posts tagged "Sex Ed Resources."

ACT for Youth Update
On this page you can subscribe to and see back issues of the ACT for Youth Update, an e-letter that links to youth development resources, sexual health resources, and professional development opportunities.

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