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Observation Protocols and Tools

To ensure quality delivery, it is important for CAPP and PREP Health Educator Supervisors to observe educators facilitating evidence-based program (EBP) sessions in real settings. It is just as important to provide educators with concrete, constructive feedback within the context of professional development goals.

Important tip: Review the CAPP and PREP Observation Protocol carefully when planning your observations. A protocol for virtual implementation is also provided below.

CAPP and PREP Observation Protocol - in-person implementation

ACT for Youth Observation

ACT for Youth staff observe program delivery at least once during the five-year grant period for CAPP providers, and every year for PREP providers. ACT for Youth uses the Facilitator Observation Form.

Facilitator Observation Form - in-person implementation

Agency Internal Observation

CAPP and PREP Health Educator Supervisors observe each educator at least twice each year. Agencies have a choice of using either the Facilitator Observation Form or the On-Site Feedback Form. (Forms do not need to be submitted to ACT for Youth.)

Facilitator Observation Form - in-person implementation

On-Site Feedback Form
On-Site Feedback Protocol
Sample Notes Page

Virtual EBP Observation

Because many cycles are now delivered online, we have developed a protocol and form for observation of virtual facilitation.

Protocol for Observation of Virtual Facilitation
Virtual Facilitation Observation Form
Virtual Presentation Feedback Form

After the Observation: Facilitation Improvement

This planning tool should be used in collaboration with the educator. It provides a process and examples for transferring observed behavior issues into professional development goals and action steps.

EBP Facilitation Improvement Plan

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