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SRAE Webinars

Slides and recordings of SRAE webinars may be found on this page. For a schedule of upcoming webinars, visit the SRAE Training Calendar.

2022 Webinars

    Using a Trauma-Informed Approach (5/25/22)
      More Resources: Using a Trauma-Informed Approach
    Mindfulness-Based Programs for Stress and Health (4/5/22)

2021 Webinars

    Puberty! (12/9/21)
    Program Planning: Plans A, B, and C (9/30/21)
  Re-Introduction to In-Person Implementation (9/23/21)
      SRAE Biannual Report Office Hour (7/6/21)
  PYD Web Series I: Foundations (6/8/21)
      Edited Transcript
  PYD Web Series II: Positive Youth Outcomes (6/10/21)
  PYD Web Series III: Youth Voice and Engagement (6/15/21)
  PYD Web Series IV: Youth Development Programming (6/17/21)
  PYD Web Series V: Youth Work Ethics (6/22/21)
    Introducing the Supervisor's PYD Toolkit (5/25/21)
      Provider Spotlight: Long Island Jewish Medical Center (5/24/21)
      LIJ CAPP Sexual Health YouTube channel
    Provider Spotlight: Wildlife Conservation Society - Podcasting 101 (5/14/21)
      Resource List
      Audacity Cheat Sheet
      Supplemental Audacity Cheat Sheet
    HIV Prevention Strategies for Young People (5/5/21)
    HIV Basics for Health Educators (4/28/21)
    Revisiting Guiding Principles of a Trauma-Informed Approach (4/22/21)
    Understanding Trauma and Its Impact (4/14/21)
      Toxic Stress - Center on the Developing Child
    It's a "Hairy" Big Deal (4/13/21)
      Dove: Beauty Standards of Hair are a Form of Bias
      Dove: Love Your Curls
    STI Basics for Health Educators (4/6/21)
      Provider Spotlight: LIJMC - Video Productions by/for Youth (3/30/21)
      I See You - made by Village Academy students
      Do you know about Emergency Contraception? - CAPP Sexual Health
    The Power of Relationships (3/18/21)
  Virtual Tools for Real People (2/25/21)
    Make it Stop: Discussing Dating Violence and Toxicity in Relationships (2/19/21)
  Virtual Observation and Feedback (2/10/21)
      Virtual Presentation Feedback Form
      Becoming an Askable Adult (1/27/21)
    Recruiting and Retaining Youth: Voices from the Field (1/26/21)
      Learning Community Meeting: Making a Difference! (1/21/21)
    What's Identity Got to Do With It? Discussing Intersectionality in 2021 (1/19/21)
    Self-Care in the New Year (1/7/21)
    SRAE Biannual Report (1/5/21)

2020 Webinars

    Virtual Icebreakers (12/17/20)
    How is COVID-19 Impacting the Emotional Well-Being of Adolescents? (12/16/20)
    Virtual Implementation of EBPs - Introducing Templates and Tools (11/10/20)
    Federally Required Entry and Exit Surveys - SRAE (10/21/20)
    Contraception Options for Adolescents (10/20/20)
    Making a Difference Training of Educators (10/14/20)
    In-Person EBP Implementation during Covid-19 (10/6/20)
      Sample BPBR Master List
    Teaching Anatomy and Reproduction Virtually, Part 2 (9/29/20)
    Teaching Anatomy and Reproduction Virtually, Part 1 (9/22/20)
    Civic Engagement as a Response to COVID and Beyond (8/25/20)
    PYD Web Series 5: Youth Work Ethics (8/18/20)
    Virtual Implementation of EBPs (8/11/20)
      Chat from Webinar
      ETR: Design 4 Learning
      Wide Open School: Distance Learning Teacher Center
    Virtual Presentations (8/4/20)
    PYD Web Series 4: Youth Development Programming (7/21/20)
      PYD Web Series 3: Youth Voice and Engagement (7/14/20)
    PYD Web Series 2: Positive Youth Outcomes (7/10/20)
    PYD Web Series 1: Foundations (7/7/20)
    Trauma-Informed Approach in Organizations and Systems (6/30/20)
      Trauma-Informed Organizational Change Manual
      Trauma Responsive Understanding Self-Assessment Tools
    Guiding Principles of a Trauma-Informed Approach (6/23/20)
      TIA Resources and References
    Understanding Trauma and its Impact (6/16/20)
    Bi-Annual Report: Questions and Challenges (6/12/20)
    What's Going on with Girls? (6/9/20)
    Promoting Healthy Relationship Skills (6/2/20)
    Coronavirus from a Different Lens: Essential Workers (5/26/20)
    Is Anxiety among Adolescents on the Rise? (5/19/20)
    Introducing SkillFlix (5/14/20)
    Social Media: Discord (5/12/20)
    What's Going on with Boys? (5/12/20)
    Building Bridges: Fostering PYD (5/7/20)
    Talking Pleasure (5/7/20)
    Growing Youth Educators (5/7/20)
      Panel: Social Media Outreach (5/6/20)
      St. Lawrence Health Initiative - Presentation
      St. Lawrence Health Initiative - Social Media Scheduling Template
      St. Lawrence Health Initiative - Promotional Flyer
      St. Lawrence Health Initiative - Tiger King Presentation
      Center for Community Alternatives - Peer Leader Social Media Training
      ACR Health - How We Went Viral on Tik Tok
      Community Healthcare Network - Teens PACT's Virtual World
    Self-Care and Other Things You Don't Have Time For (5/6/20)
      Self-Care Assessment
      Olga Phoenix Self-Care Wheel
    ACEs and Resiliency (5/6/20)
    Media Literacy (4/28/20)
    Social Media: Facebook in 2020 (4/23/20)
      Best Practices for Facebook
    Working Remotely (4/21/20)
    Social Media: Instagram and TikTok (4/16/20)
      Examples of Instagram and TikTok Use
      Best Practices for Instagram and TikTok
    SRAE Sustainability Planning (4/14/20)
    Intro to Zoom, Survey Results, and New Online Work Groups (3/31/20)
      Learning Community Meeting: What Now? (3/19/20)
      Chat (edited) with some key questions answered
      Recording EBP Cycles Interrupted by COVID-19
    Creating a Logic Model for Program Planning and Improvement (3/10/20)
    What About Adaptations? (2/11/20)
    SRAE Component 2 Programming (1/14/20)
      Afterschool Alliance: STEM in Your Program
      Common Sense Education: Digital Citizenship Curriculum
    Engaging Parents: It's a Marathon! (12/17/19)
    Where Are All the Kids? Recruiting and Retaining Youth (11/12/19)
      New Alternatives for Children: Resources for Recruiting and Retaining Youth
      Recruitment of Program Participants: Planning Questions
      Five Strategies for Successful Recruitment and Retention (RAND Toolkit)
      Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Participants in Prevention Programs
      Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement
      Youth Satisfaction Survey
      Exploring ACT for Youth Web Resources (10/8/19)
      ACT for Youth Update
      Introduction to the SRAE Online Reporting System (9/10/19)
    Implementing Evidence-Based Programs (8/13/19)
    NYS SRAE Orientation (7/30/19)
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