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Let's face it, young people are often overlooked. I guess adults don't remember that it's frustrating to be ignored. Young people have some really brilliant ideas, but if no one pays attention, there's no way for them to be heard. That's why adults need to let young people be more involved and have a greater say in how things work.

- Zach, ACT Youth Network

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In this timely article, Shep Zeldin and colleagues discuss youth voice, youth-adult partnership (Y-AP), and youth organizing, and provide a practical checklist to aid planning for Y-AP.
In this webinar, Jutta Dotterweich discusses the importance of self-regulation and provides practical resources. (Scroll down to "PYD Network Webinars.")
In these videos, we demonstrate weak and strong examples of the most common pedagogical techniques used in youth programming: brainstorming, small group activities, and role playing.
Many youth grow up in environments that do not adequately prioritize their health. While sexual development is central to adolescence, sex can be risky if youth do not have the supports they need. In this section, we discuss risks associated with sexual behaviors, STDs, HIV/AIDS, and pregnancy in adolescence.
On our youth site, we help young people think about what makes a positive relationship -- beyond chemistry.
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