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Let's face it, young people are often overlooked. I guess adults don't remember that it's frustrating to be ignored. Young people have some really brilliant ideas, but if no one pays attention, there's no way for them to be heard. That's why adults need to let young people be more involved and have a greater say in how things work.

- Zach, ACT Youth Network

Featured Resources
Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is not based on prescribed curricula; instead it is an approach that reflects a set of youth-centered teaching strategies and practices. Here you'll find resources to help you start your SEL journey.
This toolkit is loaded with curated resources that will help you think through how to approach program design and delivery. Links to collections of evidence-based programs are also provided.
Young people with learning disabilities, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, or trauma do not always disclose these conditions in program settings. Fortunately, even when facilitators lack this personal information about participants, there are ways to make programs more inclusive. This ACT for Youth curriculum can be used as part of a professional development plan to help youth work professionals promote inclusion and engagement for all young people.
Here you'll find statistics on adolescent sexual health, including sexual orientation; romantic relationships and sexual experience; condoms and contraceptives; pregnancy, abortion, and birth rates; and STIs.
The Update, emailed monthly, connects subscribers to youth development resources, professional development opportunities, and funding announcements.
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