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Webinars for NYS Adolescent Health Initiatives

CAPP, PREP, SRAE, and HIV prevention providers are invited to use the ACT for Youth resources below for professional development. For recordings on additional topics, see our Mental Health Webinar Series and PYD Network Webinar Series.

A Question of Purpose (58:19)

Anthony Burrow

June 2024

In this talk, Anthony Burrow explores the concept of purpose and its critical role in the lives of young people. How can a sense of purpose shape identity, drive motivation, and influence decision-making in the everyday lives of youth? Dr. Burrow is Associate Professor of Life Course Studies in Cornell's Department of Psychology.

Supporting Youth Autonomy in Health Care Settings (22:24)

Richard Kreipe

May 2024

Navigating health care can be intimidating, especially for young people who may feel unprepared to express needs and concerns. During this webinar, Dr. Richard Kreipe offers practical advice to empower youth with respect to self-advocacy, communication, and decision-making skills within health care environments.

(No Recording Available)

Nuanced Dimensions of Consent

Marisol De Leon

February 2024

In this workshop, participants gained insights into everyday interactions that can help or hinder a culture of consent.

Giving a Confident ANSWER to Difficult Questions (45:30)

Mary Cupelo

November 2023

In this webinar, participants learned how to identify different types of sex education questions and to respond using the ANSWER technique.