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Planning and Management

Managing Your CAPP Project

The Health Educator Supervisor is responsible for maintaining the overall CAPP project, as well as supervising educators. With some regular maintenance, you can keep your project running smoothly!

Many tasks should be done on a regular basis.



  • Consider upcoming changes: When and where will programming be offered? This may vary by setting and based on time of year (for example, summer programming may look different from programming in the academic year). What project planning do you need to do to be prepared for the upcoming quarter? Do you have site permission to implement programming and collect surveys? Are there any expected changes in leadership at your implementation sites?


  • Engage in continuous quality improvement with your CAPP team. Set up a team meeting to review your program implementation data, discuss challenges and successes, and plan for even better future implementation! See your Dynamic Data Summary (data visualization) and Using Your Data for resources and guidance. Consider:
    • How are you doing?
    • What is going well?
    • Where can improvements be made?
  • Review the CAPP training calendar; register for trainings as needed. Identify additional professional development needs and opportunities for (and with!) your team.


  • Look for email announcements from ACT for Youth regarding this week's events, including trainings, learning community meetings, workshops, and more.


  • Ensure your team enters implementation data through the CAPP Online Reporting System. After a session of Component 1 sexual health or Component 2 PYD programming is complete, information about that session should be entered in the CAPP ORS. Cycles should be reviewed and submitted no later than two weeks after the last session of the cycle.

As Needed

  • Reach out to the ACT for Youth team as you identify training needs or challenges in implementing your CAPP project. You can request support or technical assistance through the CAPP ORS.
  • Reach out to your Department of Health program advisor for questions or issues related to your budget or overall grant structure.

CAPP Supervisor's Monthly Checklist

ACT for Youth has developed a checklist to help you manage your CAPP project — with all of the details above and more!

Ask a Question or Request Support

The Online Reporting System (ORS) is now your first stop for requesting help from ACT for Youth! Log in to the ORS and look for the "Ask a Question" button.

Use the ORS for all your ACT for Youth support requests.

Don't have a log-in? Email ACT for Youth.