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Curricula and Online Trainings from ACT for Youth


Positive Youth Development (PYD) 101 Online Courses

PYD 101 Online is a series of short courses intended to introduce PYD to new youth work professionals, volunteers, and advocates. These stand-alone, interactive courses may be taken in any order. Each course can be completed in about 30 minutes.

Positive Youth Development 101: A Training Manual

The Positive Youth Development 101 curriculum offers an orientation to the youth development approach for professionals new to the field of youth work. Use this free curriculum — one of ACT for Youth's most popular resources — to provide professional development to new youth workers, supervisors and administrators, funders, and community volunteers. The 12-hour curriculum is structured in five distinct sections, each of which may be presented as a stand-alone workshop.

Facilitating Programs for Youth: A Training Manual

How can we make our workshops, presentations, and programs for youth more engaging and effective? The Facilitating Programs for Youth curriculum is designed to help youth development professionals and volunteers build their skills and focus on what works for young participants.

Creating Inclusive Program Environments for Youth with Different Abilities: A Training Manual

Young people with learning disabilities, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, or trauma do not always disclose these conditions in program settings. Fortunately, even when facilitators lack this personal information about participants, there are ways to make programs more inclusive. This curriculum aims to provide youth development professionals with information, practices, and activities that will help them promote inclusion and engagement for all young people.