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SRAE Component 2: Adult-Supervised Activities

Through component 2, SRAE projects provide adult-supervised activities that create educational, recreational, or vocational opportunities for youth ages 10-13. These opportunities build on participants' strengths and shape their ideas about and aspirations for the future.

Activities should stimulate cognitive, social, physical, and/or emotional growth and provide a context for productive relationship building with adults and peers. The activities provide alternatives to sex, demonstrate the advantages of postponing sexual activity, and promote the development of a skill set that can support a successful transition into healthy young adulthood.

Adult-supervised activities can occur within another after-school or youth group program, or as a stand-alone program. Examples of appropriate activities could include:

  • Workplace visits or career exploration
  • Cultural events
  • Sports and other physical activity
  • Performing arts
  • Visual arts
  • Scientific exploration
  • Games that challenge the mind and encourage deep interaction
  • Nature-focused outdoor activities
  • Service-learning activities

Explore the ACT for Youth resources below for ideas. Be sure to report your Component 2 activities in the Online Reporting System (ORS)!