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Planning and Management

Observing EBP Facilitation

By observing educators as they facilitate evidence-based programs (EBPs), we can gain valuable insights into the factors that contribute to effective implementation. Observations also allow us to provide educators with concrete, constructive feedback within the context of both fidelity to the EBP and continuous quality improvement of facilitation skills.

Important Tip

Review the Observation Protocol carefully when planning your observations.

ACT for Youth Observation

ACT for Youth staff are required to observe program delivery annually. ACT for Youth uses the Facilitator Observation Form.

Agency Internal Observation

To ensure quality delivery, PREP Health Educator Supervisors are required to observe educators facilitating EBP sessions in real settings at least twice each year, ideally once per bi-annual reporting period.

Virtual EBP Observation

While most programming is implemented in-person, we know that programs sometimes need to be implemented virtually for a number of reasons. If you need guidance on observing a virtual session, please reach out to your ACT for Youth Support Team.

After the Observation: Facilitation Improvement

This planning tool should be used in collaboration with the educator. It provides a process and examples for transferring observed behavior issues into professional development goals and action steps.